Travelling for Truth


If life is a journey, then travelling is a way of living.



Indian Railways – Goa to Bombay. Photo Courtesy of Anjali Rangnekar


December 2012

The sun was setting in Paloem Beach, Goa, India, and I was alone in my own world.

As I tried to stay afloat among the waves and soak in the last rays of the day, I turned around and admired the endless sea I was swimming in. Then slowly, my body drifted around and when I regained my wandering mind, there in the water and on the beach, I saw, painted in the deep orange light, the picture perfect scene of Goan life.

All these faces that I saw, I could try labelling them: Indians, Asians, Caucasians, tourists, locals, hipsters, children, fishermen, waiters, workers…

But in that moment, I only saw one thing in all of them.


It was Magic.

Of Life, Peace, & Truth.


And in that moment, that Magic consumed me.


I felt myself becoming a part of all these living beings. I saw myself in their eyes.
My body dissolved into the salted sea. My mind drifted up with the breeze that brushed past the surface of everything and became the light particles that bounced off all matters of the earth.

Before I knew, I was one with life.

I was no longer a stranger in the land foreign to me. I was no longer a tourist.

As if I had always known these people. As if I had always been a part of this place.

I was a traveller who perhaps had been here, who perhaps would be here again, and who for now, was just passing by. And ironically, I felt at home.


Because the world was my home.


This magical memory has stayed with me since then.

From that moment of clarity, I have been travelling for truth instead.


And I hope to share these enchanted encounters with you,

so that perhaps, you can chance upon and find your own magic during your journeys too. ❤


With love,



The Nitty-Gritty

  • Current Status: Student (therefore more or less broke and always on budget!)
  • Funding: Personal Savings (from gap year work, part-time work…etc) + Pocket Money from my beloved parents sometimes 😉
  • Camera: Good ol’ IPhone 4S (still saving up for GoPro and/or a small DSLR)
  • Passport: Myanmar (which has one of the lowest rankings in the world and thus very much troublesome to travel around with)
    – while it’s as easy as ABC for many others, I have had to write melodramatic appeal letters so that I could actually obtain visitor visas on time…

Therefore if I can travel, you definitely can too! 🙂

I will be posting up the articles whenever I can amidst my academic and other commitments. So please do come back and check now and then for the ones that you are looking out for! 🙂




Incredible like no other.

Please let me know of your thoughts! :)

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