“Don’t you dare die. You are allowed only to die in the hands of mine.”

“You don’t worry,” he said, with gloomy reassurance. “Nobody else is going to kill you. Nobody but me.”

American Gods, Neil Gaiman

These lines. They ring so familiar.
Oh of course, someone has said them to herย before. And scary as it sounds, they all came true.

“Don’t you dare die. You are allowed only to die in the hands of mine.” That’s what he said.

At that moment, it was a call for fight; a teasing call between brother and sister like friends.
Moments later, it was a call of sweet protective love, the kind that makes you mush all over and believe that you are safe and loved, for eternity.
Yet when the moment of death came, it was indeed, the death call. It was the death sentence coming true.
Yes. In the end, it was with his own hands, he ended her life. Even if without initial intention. It was a brutal death. But It was a good death. For it was the rebirth of who she isย today.

Words, once said, are written in stone. No matter what, you can’t change the exact words you said. What changes is the words’ meaning, with time, with context. Sometimes a good change, sometimes what you have not even thought of. And they change our lives. They leave an impact as deep as those words written in stone.

So next time, before you speak, think twice, for your words may come true all together.

And needless to say, when someone speaks to you, listen twice too. =)



9th December 2012