Will you keep smiling, Sunshine?


You are a sun and you live to shine.

And one day, as you shine through the universe with your rays, one black hole comes in your way.

Nameless. Soulless. Full of darkness.

And through its x-rays, comes its message.

“You need to stop shining,” it says.

“You think you are ‘trying to help’ the universe and make others come alive by shining at them, but actually, you are just flaunting your light. This is not the first time you have done this, and every planet and star knows about this. In other words, you are just bragging and attention-seeking, and under the disguise of shining for others, you are just blindly in love with your own rays. I am sick and tired of seeing you do this and it has been going on for way too long. You need to reflect on yourself and stop this behaviour. I hope I never have to see you shine again.”

And before you can respond, the black hole is gone. Back into the vastness of the empty space, hidden in the safety of it.

Source: http://49.media.tumblr.com/115122366d4fb92261441caa52f8f864/tumblr_nwzuxgMNLU1qmvxavo4_r1_540.gif

GIF Source: Tumblr

You cannot thank, you cannot talk back to, you cannot ask why.

Is the black hole a friend or a foe? You will never get to know.

Black hole is upset because you shine.

Oh sun, what are you to do?

Choice 1:

Maybe you feel sorry that black hole finds annoyance and anger in your sunshine. Perhaps you wish you can really help black hole not to feel sad by try shutting your rays off when you see it.

But do you even know black hole? Apart from the fact that it is from your close physical proximity, you don’t know its name, origin, or where it is heading. How are you to recognise black hole? So even if you want to stop shining when you see it, just as it has wished, would you be able to?

Choice  2:

So then, to be safe, maybe you can just stop shining all together, and perhaps that would make black hole oh so filled with joy! Wipe your sunshine off this universe, forever, never to bring light and warmth again!

But then, the entire universe, all dark and cold… just for one unknown black hole?


The Cat’s Eye nebula – the end of a star/sun. IMAGE COURTESY NASA/ESA

Maybe you then smile to yourself, thinking…

In fact, this very wish of black hole will come true with time.
Like everything else, your ‘fire’ will too be extinguished in the end.
And black hole, if it still exists or cares by then, will eventually have its happily ever after.

Choice 3:

So until then,
before the eternal darkness falls and the universe ends,
or the planets scamper across the Milky Way in chaos to find other stars/suns,
maybe all you can do is to fulfil your purpose in this space of time,
and continue burning the hot gases that fills you,
and makes you a sun.

What do you choose?

Will you stop being who you are?

Or will you keep smiling, Sunshine?

Illustration Courtesy: https://hikingartist.com/2012/12/19/smile-and-the-world-will-smile-with-you-illustration/

Illustration Source: hikingartist.com

Love & Peace,

Pi ❤