The Crossroad of Time

As the sun sets, I stand still in this very moment of time. 

And as I stand still, I also know that nothing ever is really still, nothing ever is really secure, and nothing ever is really assured.

With time comes change and uncertainty, and thus future is an abyss of fear and hope. What we may have achieved in the past may not even dictate what we perceive to achieve in future, yet most of the time, we stay caught in between. 

We aspire. We strive. We pray. 

We try. 

But what else can we really do but to be in the clarity of this moment, let our hearts beat, take a breath, and just be fully alive?
And thus as I stand still in the fragile presence, I know, for better or for worse, in failure or in success, I have the choice to face the reality, see the truth as it is, and be just fine.

And perhaps, in this endless chase, this will be just enough, and perhaps, we will be just fine.