Tomorrow Is A New Day

Tomorrow is a new day.

We are not bringing today’s failures and successes into tomorrow.

Today’s success doesn’t guarantee that of tomorrow.

Failing today doesn’t mean failing tomorrow.

Done and dusted.

We appreciate.

We learn.

We move on.


Because we have let our yesterdays affect our todays, and let our todays carry on to define our tomorrows. Not that there is anything wrong with that; in fact, in many ways, it is exactly how we build our lives.

But the thing is, we have let ourselves carried away.

Breezy days – we get complacent. Successful days – we let it get to our heads.

Bad days – we get depressed. Days of failure – we feel like giving up all together.

The question is, do they last forever? Can we fail everyday? Can we be successful everyday?

It’s all a cycle. Just one after another, in split seconds of time.

So why are we dragging ourselves around, from plummeting our emotions into the pits in the ground to throwing  them up into the clouds.

While we can just see them as what they truly are, learn as much as we can from them, reflect, be thankful, and charge forward, free from the wraths of the ups and downs?

Today was a great day. Today was a bad day. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

Because tomorrow is a new day, we are new persons, and it’s always fresh to start from the ground zero, for anything is possible once again.

Staying humble. Staying hopeful.


May you make the most out of your everyday, whichever way you want it to be,

Pi ❤



Please let me know of your thoughts! :)

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