Liberate Thyself

Today, try letting go of something you have held onto from your past.

Something that you shouldn’t have.

Something that has lived past its days.

Something that is rotting away in one corner compartment of your soul.

Something that is poisoning the rest of your thoughts and emotions.

Something that is stopping you from moving on.



“Run! Don’t Look Back!” All Rights Reserved Soe San Htike (PiPi)


So, what can we let go of today?

Our preconceived perceptions on certain matters, because times have changed, circumstances have changed, people have changed, we ourselves have changed, and it’s only futile to hold onto such beliefs based on the facts of the past, which were true back then and we held dear but no longer apply to the present.

They might seemingly take the forms of individuals, memories, symbols, and objects, but at the end of the day, we are just letting go of our own anachronistic perspectives of the past.

Just like how instead of crying over a treasured sandcastle (which I had spent a long time building), when it was knocked down by the winds and the waves, we are letting it go and leaving to build a new castle elsewhere, where it is perhaps a little safer and better, while also accepting that it is all part and parcel of how just things are.

And we also know that many more sandcastles that we build in future will be swept away by the forces of nature which are beyond our control. We also know that we will only get better and build on more and more sandcastles, till one day, we won’t need to build them anymore because we would have built enough for one lifetime.

This is neither sad nor tragic.

This is not about seeking that sugar-laden happiness either.

It is about seeing the reality as the truth,

which will yield us peace so pure.


So try letting it go.

And feel its liberation!

All Rights Reserved Soe San Htike (PiPi) @superpipi

With lovingkindness,