1 Thing About (New Year) Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions – always a favourite topic among us at this time of the year. We are all pumped to start all anew after a long year. Whether it’s our not-so-good habits, diets, or outlooks on life in general, we are ready to change it all for the better. This is indeed wonderful! The only thing (and probably the hardest thing) is to keep those up past the first week of January. Usually, we end up joking about it before dismissing it all together and going back to the same-old-same-old us.

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Resolutions are necessary tools that drive us to become better for ourselves and those around us. When we are doing something wrong, don’t we correct these mistakes? When we are walking on the wrong way, don’t we stop, turn around and find the correct path? If we keep on driving a car with a burst tire, not only we completely destroy that tire beyond repair, we put ourselves in the danger of accidents. In short, we are not flaw free and thus in order to succeed in life, we constantly have to change ourselves for the better, we constantly have to look out and make room for resolutions. And actually pursue till we achieve them.

So don’t let that idle side of you take over. If you have set your new year resolutions, take control and work on them. For you are stronger than you think you are. If you really want to change, you will change. Nothing can stop you.

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This being said, let’s ponder about the nature of resolution itself too. If there is one thing we always should take note about resolution, it’s that:

1. Resolution, when set in your heart, is instant, timeless, here and now.

Don’t just say that this is your resolution. Spoken words are just vibrations of air particles. Think it through and carefully decide if you truly want to change. Then have it in your head and carry it in your heart.

And when you have it in your heart, you will internalise it and act upon it. Your daily thoughts, words and actions will converge your being towards such great pursuit and bring you closer to your goal.

Of all, always know that resolution doesn’t have to be just event/occasion-based.

As students, we have this little habit of procrastinating when doing work. At 7 pm, we would sit at the desk and attempt to start studying. A little while later, from a “quick” Facebook “news”feed check, we find ourselves on youtube, buzz feed and more. Whoops, I need to get back to work. Hmm, it’s already 7:44 pm, I guess I’ll jump straight back in and start solid work at 8:00 pm. Continue wasting time. Look at the clock again, oh no, it’s 8:15 pm! Okay, take a short break, and really do work at 8:30 pm! So on and so forth. Before we know, it’s beyond bedtime and we haven’t completed our tasks for the night.

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We have minds of monkeys many a times, it’s human nature. But say after the first realisation, we change immediately. Close all the tabs and distractions, and go back to work at 7:44 pm instead. We do finish what we have to do, even faster than we initially thought we would.

Resolutions are the same. If you know something is wrong, something is bad, and you really realise it, you wouldn’t wait to change. You will do it now. Tomorrow never comes. It’s now. You only have now. New Years only come once a year. Create your own New Second Resolutions instead.

May you achieve whatever you set out to pursue with all your might. May you be able to stay in charge.

Because the power lies in you.


3rd January 2014