A Positive Difference A Day


What did you do today? Apart from waking up, getting ready, going to work/school/wherever you need to be, being there, doing whatever you have to do, coming back, “rewinding”/”relaxing”, getting ready for tomorrow’s work and perhaps future, and finally, now hopefully, about to sleep? How is your today different from yesterday? Will it be the same tomorrow?

When we have a little more time to think though life’s different aspects, we tend to chance upon our normalcy and fragility of life.

Since young, some of us worry about two things: idleness and the regularity of it when it becomes part and parcel of life.

Most of us live our days in this regularity. We have so many life tasks on hand, we only have just enough time to complete them and live the life passing by. From young, we try so hard to reach that life security and regularity. As we achieve it, in time we find ourselves in this fix: life loses taste, vigour, and essence of living itself.

But we can’t neglect the duties and responsibilities of life just by doing crazy acts everyday. Imagine if everyone thinks this way and pursues as such. The world will come to a still.

Everything is interconnected and we all have our parts in the circle of life. Every one of us has our own place and duty in this world. We have to make sure everyone else can enjoy life as much as we would do. This is why we still have do our parts while chasing our wildest dreams.

Then how do we live beyond the normalcy of life when we are performing our mundane duties and not feel trapped and idle then?

The solution is to perhaps find and make a positive inspiration every single day.

In other words, a positive difference in your everyday life. The world is perfectly imperfect but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to make it better every time.

A positive difference is not something as massive as starting a worldwide movement (it can be if you have all that it takes to) but it goes from something as teaching someone how to bake a cheesecake, cleaning the bathroom at home instead of complaining that it stinks, cheering a coworker with a lame joke to turning your bad day around instead of sulking about it till you fall asleep.

And especially a “positive” difference, because we have enough negativities in the world, sometimes too much for us to handle. People are already busy, stressed, angry, and unhappy with problems of life, they don’t need another racist post on the internet calling on people to renounce the immigrants.

Instead, offer your positivity and offset the unnecessary hostilities that we experience here and there!

To make it a real powerful positive difference, find something that you truly love, or really good at. Nelson Mandela and Aung San Sui Kyi inspire the world with their lifelong fight and magnanimous takes on peace and visionary development. Steve Jobs inspires entrepreneurs by knowing how to address the real needs of consumers. Jamie Oliver inspires others but showing how important and powerful cooking and healthy diet are. Michelle Phan turns herself into a millionaire by showing girls how to pursue their everyday creativity (and also look extra beautiful than they already are). It doesn’t matter what you do and how big you can do.

When there is love, there is passion. When there is passion, there is inspiration. With that, you make a difference.

If you don’t think you have a particular passion, think again, and don’t you worry, you’ll find it in time, maybe through trials and errors but eventually you will.

Doesn’t matter what, just do something. Keep yourself inspired and inspire others.

Don’t live your life everyday just passing by. Make a positive difference, positive change every single day, just one a day.

Never let yourself drown in life. Live. And of all, rise above. ❤


15th December 2013