The Selfless and Fearless Leader

If you are a leader and you find yourself overwhelmed in a moment of doubt, especially during tough times, take a break, breathe and try reading what Bill said below:

The pursuit of mindful leadership will help you achieve clarity about what is important to you and a deeper understanding of the world around you. Mindfulness will help you clear away the trivia and needless worries about unimportant things, nurture passion for your work and compassion for others.
~ Bill George

This might have been just what you needed to be reminded about. Especially when you were just about to give it all up.
If this quote struck you, “opened up your dirty windows”, placed you in a bright and endless space of enlightenment, and rekindled your intuitions, go forth.

Be the selfless and fearless leader that you are. You can do wonders. You will do wonders.

If it didn’t, I say you take a little longer break. You deserve it. You need it. You will find yourself again.

Much love,

8th September 2013