Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello and Goodbye: the twos faces of the coin
Image Source: http://www.thesharonbaptistchurch.com/web_images/hello-goodbye-mat.jpg

Hellos and Goodbyes, that’s what life’s made of.

   We come and we go. When it’s time and it’s right for us to.
Yesterday’s Hellos come to today’s Goodbyes, and who knows, today’s Goodbyes will bring us tomorrow’s Hellos.

   Once again, it’s time of the year where our friends from faraway lands say goodbye to us to go home and/or carry on with their lives. It’s sad after all these times, after all these memories. But without saying Goodbye, how can we say Hello again in another place, in another time?

   Life has shown its lights to me that I am never too happy to say Hellos nor too sad to say Goodbyes. For I know, for many of those Goodbyes will come back to a full circle again and give birth to a new Hellos, even with the same individuals. The world is such a small place now. Surely we are bound to meet each other again in future, somewhere, somehow. And even if we are not going to have the chance to say Hello anymore, it’s because we have fulfilled our deeds in each others lives. There is nothing else to hold onto, we are complete. But perhaps who knows, if there is any unfinished business and if you believe in many many lives more, we will be saying Hellos and Goodbyes then once again.

   So stop and grab your chance to say Hello and Goodbye every time you can, for you never know it would have been the Hello that you might never come to say or the last Goodbye that you’ll ever say.

   And above all, embrace each Hellos and Goodbyes with an open heart and an open mind, for we are the travellers and the guests in the journey of life, and we will be saying them till the very day we die.

   So until then, Hello and Goodbye. =)