Our Friends: Good Times and Bad Times


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)

A life of comfort may give you time and space for inspirations, but it is through discomfort, one often finds aspirations. It is through pain, greatest aspirations are born. And in order to succeed in life, you need both.

So find them whichever situation you are in, good or bad. During good times, stay grounded and humble. During bad times, keep feeding yourself with positive energy so to keep yourself going and to come out alive. (This is important for sometimes, during darkest despairs, we are so worn out physically and mentally that we weigh ourselves down with such negativity, we tend to lose hope.)

Life wants you to be successful. That’s why it takes you through ups and downs.

For everything happens for a reason.

It’s our job to find it.

So till then, just keep surviving! =)

17th January 2013