Oh Man, What Do I Do for 2-3 months of Summer Holidays?!

One academic year of university is over. As the residential college kids, that means it’s time to pack up and go home for summer. No more finals, essays or assignments, and no more hanging out with fellow college mates, sprawling on the grass fields, chilling and lazing around like there’s no tomorrow. Till the last day of moving out, we whine and whine,

“What am I going to do without you guys?!”
“It’s gonna be long 3 months, noooooooooooooo.”

Really, what are you gonna do for these months of Summer Holidays?

Oh, yes. There are things to do for the break, in fact, many, many things!


1. Travel

Yeah, right. We are college kids. What if you don’t have the chance and savings to? Have no worries! You can pretty much travel anytime, anywhere, even just around your hometown or neighborhood. Walk around, explore, and see things you have never seen in the same places before. You’ll be marveled by how things have changed or even managed to remain the same. The world around us is always full of surprises for us.

And if you have the cash, chance, and freedom to travel far and wide, off you go! Travel with a plan. Travel without one and enjoy the spontaneous thrill. Travel with friends. Travel solo. Travel whichever way you want. But most importantly, travel with an open mind. Travel to learn. Travel to fully immerse yourself in whichever environment you throw yourself into. You’ll learn wonders. You’ll grow. (I mean as a person, but perhaps horizontally as well if you go on a eating spree with the yummy newly discovered cuisines. =P )

And above all, you’ll be inspired, by the world and life.

Maybe pack your bags and fly off to India.

Be inspired by anything and everything that you come across during the trip. Asked questions. Why are the social dynamics as such? How can you address the issue of slums in terms of health and education? How do you manage a city like New Delhi? How can the town planning be better? How did TaTa the cool guy become that rich? Adapt the way of life in different states and cities. Be thankful for what you are able to see and learn. Finally understand why it’s Incredible India indeed.


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


All Rights Reserved – Soe San Htike (PiPi)


2. Catch Up with Good Old Gold Friends

The fact that they have not been with you in the same university/college means they have taken different paths in life in one way or another. Catch up with them and ask them how they are doing. If life has been good, celebrate with them. If they need help, help them with what you can. If they just need to complain, lend a listening ear without passing judgments. Old friends are gold friends. They have been there for you, so continue to be there for them and treasure them. Meet up and have a tea, just like those good old times.

3. Spend Time with Your Family/Family Figures

Without them, you wouldn’t be here today. Furthermore, you have been away from them for the year, they, especially your parents, would have been missing you. On some of the days both of them are home, stay at home, and have hearty conversations. Share your one year of experience, all the achievements, growths, ups and downs. Go out with them. Just do anything that you do as a family. As mundane as it sounds, have quality family time.

Most importantly, be thankful of and appreciate them with all your heart. Count your blessings. Your family, biological or not, is your most precious blessing in life.

4. Read Books & Spend Some Days at the Library

If you have just enough time, quality reads that feed your soul. The kind of books that inspire you, or teach you something you never knew.

If you have too much time, just read anything that you can find. Plowing through them, you can enjoy seeing the good ones against the awful ones, what makes some books prize winners, bestsellers, and why some of them not. You will expand your taste and scope too!

And if you have great public libraries around you, like here in Singapore, spend a day or two (or even more) at the library, just browsing through the aisles, exploring and discovering the endless knowledge of the world.

Have you ever complained in school that books are fun to read until you have to start learning what’s inside them? Well now, it’s your perfect chance. You can just read on and on, without having a single liability of having to remember or know all that you have read for fun. Still, you will remember what you want to. Isn’t that win-win situation!

5. Watch Great Movies

Books are timeless but movies do offer what books can’t in some ways. Be wowed by the man-made magic of films, the art of acting, directing, technology; every fine detail that goes into making one good movie. Make a list of famous movies that you haven’t watched, and start tackling the list.

Books inspire you, but at times, movies inspire you at a higher intensity of physical impact. I think I have seen more people cry in cinemas than in libraries. =P

6. Google Random Things or Things You Wanna Know (Research)

It’s educational (for serious stuff you want to know). It’s fun. It can be lame but hilarious. Type “Barack Obama is…”. See the suggestions. Enjoy.

7. Get A Summer Job

Ka-ching! Experience! Pass time in an economic way. Holidays woes solved? Yes!

8. Volunteer

At any point of time, at some place, somebody needs help. You have the time. You have the kind heart. You are set. Giving is a joy. Give without expecting anything in return. Feel the rush. Feel the warmth in your heart. Feel the liberation.

9. Stay Physically Active

Oh no no, I am not copying things from some Healthy Lifestyle magazine! But staying physically active does help in making you stay alert. The last thing you want to experience during your already draggy holidays is to feel lethargic, sprawling around the house and wanting to do nothing. Get adrenaline high!

Holiday workout plans usually fail for college kids, but at least move around. Dance if you love dancing! Get your swag on! Bust a move!

10. Limit Your FACEBOOK Hours

Facebook is a savior during the holidays. You can find out what your friends are up to and you can share your activities with them online too.

But there comes a fine line. One minute you are simply checking and posting stuff. Next thing you know, you have scrolled the Newsfeed for 5 hours, sinking deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of endless stories. You don’t want to get lost in other people’s lives. Not healthy at all.

Same goes for all the other social media too. Tumbler. Twitter. Instagram. You know.

11. Write In A Diary/Journal

Write whatever you want.

Read back in future. They would have become gold by then. =)

12. Do Your Own To-Do-List

And the list goes on and on…

Who says we don’t know what to do during the holidays! Here we go!

May you make the best out of your holidays and enjoy yourself in all that you do!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all the lovely people of the world!


24th December 2012