Young “Love”

“They were still in the happier stage of love. They were full of brave illusions about each other, tremendous illusions, so that the communion of self with self seemed to be on a plane where no other human relations mattered. They both seemed to have arrived there with an extraordinary innocence as though a series of pure accidents had driven them together, so many accidents that at last they were forced to conclude that they were for each other. They had arrived with clean hands, or so it seemed, after no traffic with the merely curious and clandestine.”

Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sounds familiar, love?

Young Love

Young love was a cocktail of everything possible: the spark, sense of overwhelming, rush of the adrenaline, purity, innocence, idealism, dreams, romance, warmth, caring, cloud nine, passion, power, confusions, insecurities, fragility, lifetime promises and future without guarantee, selflessness and selfishness, and conditional and unconditional love.

Young love is yet to be true love, but it can grow into true love.

Young love can the beginning of everything or it can be the beginning of the end. Why?

He found her. She found him. They found each other. They found love.

He lost her. She lost him. They lost each other. They lost love.

He rediscovers himself. She rediscover herself. What do they discover next?

As long as there is unconditional love left, there is hope. And that does not come from another person, not your significant other, not even your soulmate.

Instead, it comes from the within.


20th December 2011


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