They say,

“Home is where your heart is.”

Having less than a few weeks to leave my nest and off I go to university in another land, this topic seems to occupy my mind more than it usually does, fascinating and baffling me at the same time.

Primarily, home means the warm haven where my loved ones and myself reside. The living room where we watch TV together or I play piano, prance around and dance about. The busy kitchen where yummy food ‘magically’ appears. The study is the sanctuary. Mum’s lovely nagging, soon to be of nostalgia. The ever welcoming bed. This home, no doubt, no question, IS home.

Then the home in terms of where you come from, your motherland. That is where things get seemingly complicated. I was born in one country, half-grown up in another and now heading off to yet another country. Which is my home then?

All of us romanticize what home is when we are away. How we miss the local food, the people, the culture and everything else. There is no place like home! True! But what happens when we hold on too much of where we come from? When we believe we only belong to the motherland, not any other place on earth? Prejudice and discrimination arise, followed by hatred. I have tried that, and hurt no one but myself in the process.

Do we really just belong to one place, one country? How do you actually know? So what if you just belong there? Home is in other terms, Hope. But it’s a scary thought to live in some other place and strangle yourself everyday with the hope of returning home someday. Isn’t it better to live and immerse yourself in wherever you are while still knowing and treasuring your past? There is no place like home. There is no place like wherever you are now too.

We are all travelers in life, literally and metaphorically. And life itself is so unpredictable, so transient, so fragile, the notion of home becomes perhaps just an idealist dream. Is it really a physical place, a set of arms, a smiling face, a warm bowl of soup? Or is it, just the idea of warmth and compassion? No matter how much we travel, we finally come home one day. And maybe, home is just in our hearts.

I am part of wherever I have lived. Wherever I have lived is part of me as well.

So if you ask which is my home, in terms of country, I say, both. These people are part of my life. These people have grown up with me in one way or another. These are the people I hold gratitude towards.

They say,

“Home is where your heart is.”

I say,

“Home is where your heart is. Your heart is with you wherever you go. Therefore home is wherever you go.”

Wherever you go, even if it’s Mars, just make yourself Home.

Because when love is in your heart, everywhere is Home. =)

Home Sweet Home!


30th December 2011

Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year everybody! =D