The Perspectives’ Block

Just the problem I am facing all these while! I have several posts stuck in the drafts section, and although I am not even anywhere near a professional writer or a blogger, maybe I can just label this as what we call: The Writer’s Block.

It’s not just one type of writer’s block, I have a few variations:

  • Many of the posts are stuck at the beginning or a central idea.
  • Some of the posts are completed but are stuck at the stage of editing.
  • The rest of them are completed and edited, yet I am contemplating whether I should actually publish them.

Sounds like a fix right? But why?

Firstly, I am a bloody perfectionist, just like many others out there, and although I am trying to change myself out of that for the better, old habits die hard. Writing a perfect post/article is like striking for the impossible. Everything can be viewed from different perspectives, and how can an issue be perfect from all different angles? Even we, humans, “the craftsmen” are imperfect. I know these, but still my subconscious mind would still work its way through whenever I write. With that, I get stuck.

Secondly, I have always find it hard to define the audience. Who am I writing this for? Because the way we write is based on the way we want to address certain group of people. You really have to use a certain style, if not you end up sounding general and irrelevant. In school, it is easy, you know who your audience is. Here, it is different. And again, I want to write for the good of everyone. Everyone? That’s what usually got me cornered. How can I sound relate-able if I am to write for everyone, when everyone is different?

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to write the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth. But then I found out myself,

It’s hard not to tell the truth without unintentionally denouncing a lot of people.

Usually it’s a lot of people out there in the world, the country I am living in, and the society around me. Sometimes it’s even the people I know personally. For worse, some of them are my dear friends, or even my loved ones. I am not worried that they would not agree. It’s that I just don’t want people to get angry over a fact because it is true but different from what they believe or do. Truth offends people, it always does. And only a very few can accept a different opinion without feeling offended or opposed. What for I would want to write something that will waste people’s emotional energy.

Then I realized, this is something beyond my control. I am control what I write, but I can’t control how people get affected by it. I just do what I can, to write the best I can.

For the other issues above like being a hopeless perfectionist and writing for everyone, with time and experience, I will explore the answers to my own questions and solve them one day. One thing I know, I cannot let them stop me. With that in mind, I’ll keep on writing.


22nd November 2011


Please let me know of your thoughts! :)

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