Someone just lied to you and cheated you out of your money!


Well, this is what a man did:

“Roberto deVincenzo, the famous Argentine golfer, once won a tournament, and after receiving the check and smiling for the cameras, he went to the clubhouse and prepared to leave. Sometime later he walked alone to his car in the parking lot and was approached by a young woman. She congratulated him on his victory and then told him that her child was seriously ill and near death.

DeVincenzo was touched by her story and took out his pen and endorsed his winning check for payment to the woman.
“Make some good days for the baby,” he said as he pressed the check in her hand.

The next week he was having lunch in a country club when a PGA official came to his table. “Some of the guys in the parking lot last week told me you met a young woman there after you won the tournament,” deVincenzo nodded. “Well,” said the official, “I have news for you. She’s a phony. She’s not married. She has no sick baby. She fleeced you, my friend.”

“You mean there is no baby who is dying?” said deVincenzo.

“That’s right.”

“That’s the best news I’ve heard all week,” said deVincenzo.”


(Source: The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace by Jack Kornfield, page 38-39)

Perhaps this incident sounds seemingly impossible. Perhaps he was more foolish than magnanimous and kindhearted. Perhaps he was too rich. Maybe what he really should have done is to check the story of the young woman before handing over the check. He should have called the police! Good grief! It must be a huge amount of money! The world today is full of such swindlers, this guy is going to be broke if he continues doing like that! These are what most of us are probably thinking. But secretly, deep down inside, we are silently wishing we have half of his guts to be able to react with such heart, maybe. I don’t know for you, but my jaws dropped at his words. WOW.

For one thing, he is optimistic, hopelessly, you may say, but he is. He was told that a child was going to die, and found out that someone just stole his money. So what? The good thing is that there is no child dying after all. Why be angry or mad or be sad, when there is a happy thing? He chose to see the beauty over the ugly.

For another, he is courageously practical. Yes, the woman is a thief, a con-woman who is ought to be caught and locked up behind the bars. But the woman had already ran away with his money. What for should he waste his time chasing after her with the police, try to get back the money which would be gone by then, file a lawsuit, torture the woman and himself? He rather continues to enjoy his lunch simply then to make an unnecessary problem out of life than as it already is.

Most importantly, he has a big heart that sends chills down your spine, pleasant chills. Normal humans would have reacted with rage, hatred and hurt. He is different. He rather let the woman enjoy the life she wants with the money she got from him. She did a misdeed, but that’s her business, not his. Besides, money does not matter to him anyway. The child is. The love for those in need is.


Roberto De Vicenzo


8th November 2011



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      Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback. =)
      It would be really kind of you if you can point out the examples of the parts you would like to see improvement on next time!
      And I am glad that you found some of them nice for your read! =D

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