The Descend

15th October

The gray airplane with the bright orange star printed on both sides landed on the busy runways of Peklo Pangories Airport. Minutes seemed like hours as the airplaneโ€™s door slid open and the passengers strolled along the line to get off from the plane. They had more destinations to carry on, more activities to do, and more people to meet. Some were excited while some were scared. Happy faces could not seem to outshine those who were sad. Some were bursting with energy, ready to go on but some were sick and tired from the journey they had performed, and the knowledge that there would be more waiting for them filled their heavy hearts with weariness.

Among them was a 15 year old girl. With thick jet-black hair ruling over her big head, her skin a shade of dry light chocolate, and her vivid facial features, this girl in beige blouse and shorts wore a heedful expression. As the air-steward bid thanks and goodbye to her, she flashed a forced smile but it later instantly faded. Then, her small right leg stepped off the aircraft and hovered above the stairs, the stairs leading to the central airport building.

There was a moment, a moment of hesitation and then, with a sigh, she stepped onto it. The remaining leg obediently followed its partner and it too landed.

There, she was on the land of Peklo Pangories and she knew that her life was never going to be the same.



Wanna know what happened next?

Please enter into her world here: Little Black Dot


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